Stars launch 'Travelex program' in UK

Four stars - Adam Gilchrist, John McEnroe Jonny Wilkinson and Brett Lee - were part of the fantastic four of the Travelex sport exchange in London.

updated: June 28, 2007 15:17 IST
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Adam Gilchrist bowling right arm medium-fast, John McEnroe having a go at a rugby drop-kick, Jonny Wilkinson engaging in a tennis rally and Brett Lee banging one in not with his right-hand, but with the racquet face.

No, it wasn't another one of those 'Sports Crazy' shows, but the launch of a new coaching initiative in England.

They all were part of the fantastic four of the Travelex sport exchange in London, which will give talented British athletes the chance to travel and learn from top overseas coaches.

However, the sight of Brett Lee back to his smashing best would have heartened the cricket fans among them.

"The way I look at it, yeah, I have missed a fair bit of cricket. I missed the World Cup and obviously the series in New Zealand prior to that," said Brett Lee, Australian cricketer.

"But what I've done to my ankle, the way I've had it fixed up, the way it feels now, and with my body having a rest, it's going to add an extra year onto my cricket life hopefully," he added.

Entertainment package

This was a rare sight though - Adam Gilchrist showing another side of his game. Gilly is now quite enthusiastic about the other version of one-day cricket as well.

"I was a bit sceptical about Twenty20, I must admit - initially, and then the concept of a World Cup. But look, it's here to stay now and it's a great package and it's a great entertainment package, and it seems to be a game that incorporates the crowd and the audience that are watching it so," said Adam Gilchrist, Australian cricketer.

"There was a bit of criticism about our World Cup in the West Indies - as a cricket group - that perhaps they alienated the crowd a little bit and didn't involve them as much as they could have," he added.

Feisty Mac, never one to shy away from a new challenge, put his best foot forward under the eagle eye of Jonny Wilkinson. But he believes the challenge of beating Roger Federer at Wimbledon is an unenviable one.

"Well obviously the law of averages is going to come down on someone else winning it. But the way he's performed on grass, it's hard to imagine someone being bale to do that in three sets," said John McEnroe, 7-time Grand Slam Singles Champion.

Jonny Wilkinson too tried to find out how life was on the other side of the net, but the evening couldn't really be complete without a McEnroe moment.