Why isn't Mamata Banerjee helping out, asks athlete Pinki Pramanik

Athlete Pinki Pramanik has hit out at the Bengal Police, asking why her sex determination report was leaked. She also wants help form the Sports Minister.

updated: November 15, 2012 14:55 IST
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Kolkata: Pinki Pramanik, the medal-winning athlete at the centre of a rape and gender row after being declared to show some male characteristics, said today that West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee should intervene and help her. She also wants the union sports ministry to assist. Ms Pramanik repeated the charge that the police was harassing her and "provoking" her to commit suicide.

Ms Pramanik was charged with raping her partner after a panel of doctors who examined her said that she showed male characteristics while being predominantly female. She has won all her medals competing in the women's category.

She was arrested earlier in June after the rape charge was brought against her by her partner Anamika Acharya and was bailed by court after spending two weeks in jail, when the judge declared she was incapable of rape. Medical tests conducted at that time to establish her gender were inconclusive, but a video of her undergoing the tests were surreptitiously released and she also accused police of groping her while taking her to court.

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