Usain Bolt's diet? 1000 chicken nuggets!

Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt of Jamaica has revealed in his autobiography that he ate 100 pieces of chicken nuggets on each of the 10 days of the Beijing Olympics in 2008. That's over 5000 calories daily!

updated: November 05, 2013 12:41 IST
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There is no known connection between eating chicken nuggets and winning Olympic medals. World's fastest man Usain Bolt however, may differ in his opinion. After all, he did eat no less than 1000 of these golden delights during the course of his three-gold winning Beijing campaign in 2008!

According to a report in The Independent, Bolt in his autobiography - Faster than Lightening - has revealed that his 'passion' for chicken nuggets began with him eating 20 each day. His training schedule however made him increase the intake and gradually, he was downing 100 daily.

"At first I ate a box of 20 for lunch, then another for dinner," he writes in the book. "The next day I had two boxes for breakfast, one for lunch and then another couple in the evening. I even grabbed some fries and an apple pie to go with it."

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