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What's with the secretive nature of the BCCI? What shocked me more than the BCCI was our society. We are still divided, still scared, still happy with what is, ignorant of what can be.

updated: November 18, 2012 19:38 IST
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New Delhi: Recently, I have been investigating a few stories about the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). While it might be a cliche, the fact is that my worst fears came true. Fear is a funny thing. You know it's going to happen but you gather the courage and then triumph over it realizing - Hey! that wasn't such a big deal! But soon I understood it takes a while for it to become a big deal. The more I investigated, the more I discovered, and the more I realized - The devil is basically in the details.

Whether it be the secretive nature of the BCCI, the 'what have I done wrong' portrayal of the Delhi District Cricket Association, the blame game of why young cricketers in one state have not got a chance to compete against the best or the denial of any mismanagement in the IPL, only one thing was made crystal clear to me - the BCCI can be likened to 'He who must not be named' from the Harry Potter series. The only exception is, some in the media and some former cricketers still call them by their name.

What I also realized was that as a journalist it becomes increasingly difficult to balance showcasing that devil in the details with providing clarity for the mango people among all that obscurity. The show is called the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the BCCI. The promo still says - coming soon because I'm still searching for more devils in the details. I didn't intend to be a blind critic of the BCCI which is why the search for the good and bad stuff led to great and ugly stuff too.

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