The Art of Reinvention

Like film stars, cricketers must reinvent themselves to take on new roles  and remain in the frame. This need becomes more compelling post retirement, once the glare of fame and publicity has dimmed. Top cricketers inspire and motivate millions but celebrity status comes with an expiry date and for renewal, as they say, conditions apply.

updated: April 02, 2013 19:12 IST
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One easy option for retired stars to stay relevant is to head for the commentary box. Saurav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid joined the expert panel immediately after retirement whereas Laxman waited a while before taking guard to start a new innings.

Saurav is all front foot, quick to express his opinion, unafraid to say what he has to. With mike in hand he will go over the top, reverse sweep and switch hit according to the situation. Dravid is more measured in his choice of words, more careful in shot selction. Laxman is just about getting a feel of conditions, judging the pitch for bounce and turn. That is why the occasional play and miss, the odd mistimed stroke.

All three bring significant cricketing insight with them but realise performing new roles is not as simple as putting away a half volley. Dravid, a technician devoted to method and process, admits television requires new skills that must be learnt. There is much more to commentary than what you actually speak he says, and to do well one must get the hang of the mechanics.

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