Stop the slaughter, cricket can't become bat versus bat

Cricket is a battle of bat against ball, one bat versus one ball. But the way the one day contest unfolded it become a bat against bat contest. The bowlers are peripheral, incidental, almost irrelevant, their role merely to turn up to get slaughtered.

updated: November 14, 2013 16:18 IST
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The one day series has been a cracking contest with batsmen lighting up games with spectacular hitting, putting up and chasing down massive scores. For batsmen in both teams this has been an extended Diwali, time for celebration.

But what is that has sparked such explosive batting, the complete destruction of bowling where forget bad balls, even good ones, are sent into orbit with ridiculous ease?

Admittedly, the tracks were totally batsmen friendly, they held no devils to frighten players who only needed to get into line to muscle the ball away. Yes, it is correct that batsmen growing up on a steady diet of T20 cricket are emboldened to embrace risk, are unfraid to go over the top even when fielders are straddling the boundary. And of course we all agree that on grounds with small boundaries, once the field restrictions come into play -- not more than four outside the ring -- the bowlers have to rely more on prayer and hope than anything else to keep runs in check.

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