Sunny, Sachin and Goodbyes

It's the only mention of Tendulkar in the report. At the time, Isam wasn't to know that it would be Tendulkar's last One-Day International. None of us did. There can't have been more than a handful of Indian fans inside the stadium. Those watching on TV certainly had no idea that the last page had been written. No red rags. No True Blue. Nothing.

updated: January 10, 2013 17:08 IST
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Bangalore: Do you remember, chalk hearts melting on a playground wall?
Do you remember, dawn escaped from moonwashed college halls?
Do you remember, the cherry blossom in the market square?
Do you remember, I thought it was confetti in our hair

- Marillion, Misplaced Childhood (1985)

I'm now at an age when I don't remember any of that, not with great clarity anyway. I do, however, vividly recall a cricket match played on November 5, 1987. In the UK, it was Bonfire Night. In northern Kerala, where I lived then, it was just another hot and sultry day. A school day, at that.

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