Shane Warne, cricket's ultimate showman

Legspinner non pareil would have sufficed for most. Not, however, for Shane Warne, Hollywood as he came to be known across and beyond the cricketing world.

updated: January 22, 2013 19:30 IST
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Bangalore: In every walk of life, there are some individuals that are more equal than others, that are larger than life itself. A majority of them enjoy that status because of what they have accomplished; then, there is the minority, that tower over the rest not merely for achievements alone, but for the off-field persona, if you like, that accompanies the on-field virtuoso.

Particularly in sport, the lines between what one does on the field and how one conducts himself off it do get blurred from time to time. There are very few that stand out merely for what they have achieved in their chosen fields – a Sachin Tendulkar, a Rahul Dravid, a Roger Federer, a Pete Sampras, a Lionel Messi. But for every Tendulkar, there is a Brian Lara. For every Sampras, there is an Andre Agassi. And for every Messi, there is a Cristiano Ronaldo.

Neither Lara, nor Agassi or Ronaldo, is any less a champion. While a Tendulkar, a Sampras or a Federer, and a Messi will enthrall with magic in his area of expertise, the Laras and the Agassis, the Ronaldos and the Tiger Woods, they will captivate and mesmerise, excite and enchant with the colour and the glamour that might not always come naturally to the Tendulkars and the Federers.

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