Money for nothing, cricket for free

The argument is a simple one. Expand the game by all means, but first make sure that the handful of top nations are in good shape.

updated: September 02, 2013 18:49 IST
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You speak to sportspersons, and you will often be told that they are in it for love of the game. Not for fame. Definitely not for money.

This is especially true in India, where there is a strange negative value attached to doing something for money, or at least admitting to it. Senior players will usually say they play because they "enjoy the game" and will give it up when they "stop enjoying it". Cricketers with big Indian Premier League (IPL) cheques in their pockets will say the money is important only because it's an approximation of their abilities. The agenda is always to "play well", to "perform consistently" and "help the team win". And, of course, there's the patriotism factor thrown in - "the main thing is to make my country proud".

Now, I am not suggesting that sportspeople are hypocrites; not any more than the rest of us anyway. It's just the way things are, and the way we've been conditioned to behave in polite society.

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