Needed, a cultural overhaul in the BCCI

By the time the BCCI got around to expelling Dalmiya for misappropriation of funds ten years after that World Cup, a new dispensation was in power. Sharad Pawar, smarting under Dalmiya's casting vote that had denied him the BCCI Presidency in 2004, was now President and appointed a committee to look into the financial irregularities.

updated: June 03, 2013 13:29 IST
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So Tweedledum replaces Tweedledee for a month while either the probe panel submits its report or delays things till the September elections. Meanwhile, new alignments will be formed, and old officials bribed afresh. That the BCCI could hold an emergency meeting without once getting into the real issues - spot fixing and corruption in the game - shows where its priorities lie. Self-preservation trumps everything else.

Those who expected a revolution (the misguided ones!) had to make do with mere prepositional readjustment - the President standing 'aside' rather than standing 'down'. Yet, the exercise served to show the deep-rooted rot in the BCCI; it is not just the players who are selling the game.

It is not as if Jagmohan Dalmiya is pure as the driven snow. A few years after the successful conduct of the 1996 World Cup in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka under his watch, someone realised that the accounts had never been verified. That it took so long was because like N Srinivasan, Dalmiya too had kept potential askers of embarrassing questions happy with tours and trips and appointments.

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