The inexplicable ways of the BCCI

Sachin Tendulkar deserves better than to be seen as a player chasing a record in the comfort of his home environment. He needs to be seen as more than a mere statistical curiosity. Poetic justice might see him withdraw from one of the Tests against the West Indies with a common cold. What will the BCCI do then?

updated: September 02, 2013 20:21 IST
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The BCCI's continued refusal to explain means that its latest bombshell - a home series against West Indies when everyone was looking forward to an away series in South Africa - will be interpreted in a manner embarrassing to itself, and to Sachin Tendulkar, among others. Riding roughshod over other cricket boards, the ICC and the interest of the game itself has been reduced to a crude art. If it has been done to appease television, then let the television channels take over the BCCI's job. At the very least, it shows poor planning. (Related blog - Winning isn't everything)

But look at the range of possible explanations that are already being tossed about:

1. It is a purely commerical decision so Sachin Tendulkar can play his 200th Test match at home and then retire. The money possibilities are huge in this for the BCCI, which puts a price on everything.

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