Indian cricket must tap into Anil Kumble's spirit

Although he is technically an employee of the KSCA, and by extension of the BCCI and the ICC, Anil Kumble's real boss is the game of cricket itself.

updated: September 30, 2013 21:01 IST
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The BCCI is in a mess. The IPL is in a mess. Of the two most powerful men in the sport worldwide till recently, one has been banned for life and the other has been told by the Supreme Court that he can contest for the post of the president of the BCCI but if elected, he will not be able to take office till the pending cases against him have been resolved. The time is right - as the BCCI prepares for its AGM on Sunday (September 29) - for a knight in shining armour to emerge and restore the credibility and the dignity of the board.

But a reluctance of would-be knights to put on shining armours is depressing. The motto has been, sadly, ask not what you can do for cricket but what Srinivasan can do for you. To be fair, there may be cricket boards in the south led by men who genuinely believe that Srinivasan is the man for the job, that he is leading the sport in the right direction and everything else is media exaggeration. But whether he is personally responsible or not, the fact remains that some of the worst excesses of the game, from spot-fixing to alleged money laundering to a host of other incidents, have taken place during Srinivasan's watch. You have to look beyond the selfish and to the larger interests of the game when its credibility is threatened.

The time is ripe for a generational change. By the standards of our politicians, Srinivasan, at 68 is not old. But increasingly, administration too is evolving into a young man's sport, and the gap between those who govern and those they govern on behalf of is increasing. Many of the former are simply out of touch.

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