Sachin great but Bradman greatest: Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh said that while Sachin Tendulkar undoubtedly is a great player, Sir Donald Bradaman remains the best batsman to walk on the planet.

updated: April 03, 2010 17:24 IST
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New Delhi:

Former Australian captain Steve Waugh in an exclusive interview with NDTV Cell Guru Rajiv Makhni said Sachin Tendulkar undoubtedly is a great player, but Sir Donald Bradaman was the best batsman to walk on the planet. Here are some of the excerpts of the interview...

Rajiv: Why are you not in IPL? Were you not approached?

Steve: Well I think Lalit made it clear..or maybe they didn't want retired players. There are some,.. there is Adam Gilchrist, but yeah, never approached!

Rajiv: Your opinion about IPL?

Steve: It's a change for cricket. It's a lot of money for players. BCCI is making a lot of money. The game has changed in last 6 years. Younger players are making a lot of money. You can now make a living out of the game. It is exciting times, but we also have to keep the best interest of the game.

It's upto the players to keep up Test cricket as Test cricket is really important. Australian players held it as the ultimate. And it is up to senior players to tell the younger ones, in all countries. It's great to play Twenty20 but the real thing is Test.

Rajiv: About 6up, is it gambling? (6up is a mobile game promoted by Steve. It is surrounded with controversy of similarities to gambling over cricket as one has to guess the runs made in an over for every ball and place money for every ball)

Steve: It is surely not gambling. Also you can't fix all 6 balls in a over. There were a lot of questions on people's minds. There is an element of fun in this game.

If this game was associated with match fixing I wouldn't be associated with it.

Rajiv: Do you continue to think Donald Bradman is the best batsman...even after considering Sachin's recent achievements?

Steve: To be realistic about it...Sachin is a great player of all times but Donald Bradman is the best batsman to walk on the planet.