Pakistan to get more moolah for 2011 WC shift

PCB would receive an ancillary amount of $ 7 to 8 million apart from the $10.5 million guaranteed as hosting fees for shifting of 2011 World Cup matches.

updated: November 02, 2009 17:33 IST
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The cash-strapped Pakistan Cricket Board would receive an ancillary amount of USD seven to eight million apart from the USD 10.5 million guaranteed as hosting fees for shifting of 2011 World Cup matches out of the country due to security concern.

Official PCB documents confirmed that the board, after discussions with ICC President David Morgan, sold the rights of the 14 World Cup matches it was to host at home to the commercial arm of the game's world governing body - ICC Development International (IDI).

Matches of the quadrennial tournament was shifted out of the strife-torn country by ICC to the other co-hosts India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh on security ground earlier this year.

"The deal has taken place as the IDI is directly dealing with the other three joint hosts of the tournament and because the PCB wanted to avoid friction with the other co-hosts after the dispute over shifting of matches," a PCB source said.

The source said PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt got the IDI and ICC involved due to the strained relations with India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh over the World Cup dispute.

"The PCB feels the IDI can sublet these rights to anyone it pleases meaning the three joint hosts," the source said.

The documents also said that the PCB provided the ICC with estimated net revenues, which it would have earned from ticketing, gate, hospitality and car parking had those matches been played in Pakistan.

The documents confirmed that PCB estimated an income over USD seven million in its projected net revenue if matches were held in Pakistan but estimated over USD 9.8 million in income if these matches take place in India, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh.

"The PCB has agreed in principle to sell its rights to ICC/IDI and it anticipates further income to the PCB. This arrangement is much simpler and viable as would prevent any further friction between the hosting countries," the document stated.

"It is also viable for PCB under the present condition. It would have been extremely difficult for the PCB to fulfill its obligations of the agreement by hosting the 14 matches in other three Asian countries," it added.

Sources said the PCB was also hopeful of some more income as it had agreed to host lesser number of matches in the 2011 World Cup compared to the 1996 edition because they got the event's secretariat in Lahore, which was also later shifted to Mumbai.

Sources said that the visit of Butt to India at present could be linked to the World Cup matters as the ICC is also due to announce venues and dates for the matches this month.