What Yuvraj Singh should do to get back on track

Renowned sports psychologist Dr Rudi Webster's detailed account on what cancer-stricken Yuvraj needs to do to get back on track...

updated: February 16, 2012 13:59 IST
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Mumbai: Yuvraj Singh should be happy to know that his cancer is curable and that he is in very good hands. The odds of success are in his favour. His chemotherapy will not just affect his cancer cells, but also his healthy cells and will give rise to side effects that can be quite distressing. Instead of allowing himself to get depressed by these side effects, he should change the way he looks at them. Each time he has one of these bad experiences he should see it as a signal that he is one step closer to getting better.

If he gets really tired in a cricket game and thinks that his tiredness is a sign that he has passed his best effort, he would slow down or stop. But if he sees his tiredness as a signal that he is only just approaching his best effort, he would find the energy to go on and overcome his tiredness. That is the power of perception.

Yuvraj's thinking, attitude and mental state will be critical in his recovery because they will enable him to tap into the enormous healing powers that already lie within him. For centuries yogis have been telling us about the powerful effects of the mind on the health and function of the body.


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