ICC trophy officially launched

The 2004 ICC trophy received its official launch in London on Monday.

updated: February 25, 2007 10:06 IST
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The 2004 ICC trophy received its official launch on Monday. It's rapidly coming to be known as the 'mini-World Cup' and features the usual big names plus, in this case, the United States. The fourth edition of the tournament will take place from September 10 to 25 in England. "We have got the top 12 teams all in one place, 15 matches in 16 days. So it is short and sharp. And at the end, the team that comes through can, more or less, say that in the interim between the two World Cups, they are the best one-day team in the world," said David Richardson, ICC General Manager. It's also fast becoming a quasi-official testing ground for new technology. The last time round - in 2002 in Sri Lanka - it was 'hawk eye' that made its debut scrutinising umpire's line calls. In England, stump microphones - to catch those problematical thin edges - and the odd bit of colourful language - commonly known as 'sledging' - are likely to be the big trial innovation. But the September tournament will not be turned into one big scientific lab. On the pitch, there will be some real passion - especially when two fierce rivals meet. "We've got India and Pakistan - they have both got good support in the United Kingdom. It's difficult because there is a little bit of pressure. I am playing here for Kent so I have got used to the weather. So hopefully, it might work for me," said Mohammad Sami, Pakistan. Australia are currently all-conquering in the cricketing world but much will be expected of a resurgent England side under captain Michael Vaughan. "Oh, the pressure is always there when you play international cricket. We play at home on a regular basis. We should know our conditions pretty well so we can use that to our advantage. We can also use the crowd to our advantage and make sure that we get them on our side," said Michael Vaughan, England captain. (AP)