Sunil Gavaskar Escapes Car Crash After Driver Dozes Off

In what could have been a fatal head-on collision, a last minute scream from Sunil Gavaskar alerted a drowsy driver who managed to turn the car before impact with another.

updated: August 13, 2014 09:01 IST
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File photo: Sunil Gavaskar during the IPL 7 opening ceremony.


Former India cricketer had a narrow escape on Sunday when his car crashed into another vehicle while he was traveling from Manchester to London. The driver at the wheel of the Jaguar had reportedly dozed off and woke when Gavaskar screamed moments before the crash.

Gavaskar was traveling with fellow television commentator Mark Nicholas and friend Chandresh Patel when the road accident happened. Incessant rain had already reduced visibility and matters turned for the worse when the driver of the car began to feel drowsy. In fact, Gavaskar noticed and screamed for the driver to wake just seconds before impact - one that was side-on due to a last minute twist against another car coming from the opposite direction.

Gavaskar was on the left of the back seat while Nicholas was seated right behind the driver. All passengers managed to escape unhurt. "God has saved us. There was torrential rain and our car was being driven very fast. Thankfully, no one was hurt although the accident was very, very scary," the former India opener was quoted as saying in media reports.

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