Falcon Bats: Bowler's Envy, Batsman's Pride!

Four IIT students have 'invented' a bat that could make the art of batting simpler and safer; it could ensure that edges don't carry to slips!

updated: August 29, 2014 13:07 IST
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Falcon Bat 1
The Falcon Bats could make life a lot easier for batsmen around the world.


Imagine James Anderson steaming in at Old Trafford under overcast skies, charges in to bowl to Murali Vijay. The India opener, unsure of the swing, prods tentatively outside the off-stump, gets a thick outside edge and the ball drops short of second slip. It happens a few more times in the course of incisive spells from Anderson and Stuart Broad. The edges just do not carry to the slip cordon.

The batsman survives, rides his 'nine' lives and goes on to make a big hundred. India in the driver's seat. One batsman after the other, manages to get away with streaky shots early in their innings against the swinging ball and England are left wondering what slice of luck the tourist are riding. ('India's Batting at Old Trafford a Joke')

Just that, it is no slice of luck. It is modern technology; technology that ensures a safety net to batsmen, when they edge to the slips, an innovation that could tilt the game more heavily in favour of batsmen, who rule the roost in limited overs cricket anyways.

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