ICC awards add new dimension: Srinath

The ICC awards, equivalent to Oscars in the entertainment business, have added new a dimension to the game of cricket.

updated: February 25, 2007 10:09 IST
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New Delhi:

The ICC awards, equivalent to Oscars in the entertainment business, have added new a dimension to the game of cricket. The efforts put on by the leading cricketers throughout the year are now judged and endorsed by top former players from different countries before deciding on the awards. It brings genuine value to the awards. There were desperate yearnings for such recognitions for a long time. While it makes a young emerging player feel that he belongs to the international arena, for a seasoned campaigner, the awards are of purely meritorious value, far ahead of all other materialistic honours. These awards go beyond recognising the normal practice of a team winning over their opponents. It identifies outstanding individual contributors of all cricket-playing nations. This is the most prestigious and coveted award that a player would like to receive from the cricketing fraternity. I am sure that ICC awards will take away the sheen out of all other run of the mill award ceremonies, which are, I am afraid to say, diluting the merits of the players. Batting heroics Irfan Pathan has made his debut in the golden era of Indian cricket. The progress this youngster has made in his very first year is mainly due to much needed mentoring by the seniors in the team. Rahul Dravid's great successes over the years have culminated rightly and he fully deserves the award. Rahul's consistency lies in him setting moderately difficult but potentially achievable goals in cricket. More than his batting heroics, it's the exuberance of his human side, which has made him stand tall high on the sports pedestal. The mini World Cup will provide yet another chance to the Indians to prove themselves. Weak Kenyans didn't offer enough resistance in the first match on Saturday. For India, the match was more or less an assessment of resources before the all-important tie against arch rivals Pakistan. That the Indians batted well was one of the good points to come out of the Kenya outing. Sachins absence and Sehwag's continued struggle at the centre have brought more responsibility on skipper Ganguly's shoulders. He regulated the innings along with Laxman to a huge partnership. To see Laxman among the runs was a big relief. His services are extremely crucial when India play better teams. Sehwag struggling The newfound form of Mohammed Kaif has of late rescued the team whenever it was found struggling. A stupendous fielder, who was responsible in dismissing Kenyan opener Otieno, really looks very much in control. My experience says that any player, who comes out of a rough patch, evolves to become a much better player. Virender Sehwag is yet to get back his form. Sehwag's game is such that he thrives on taking on the opponents with aggression. A player, who plays with such dynamism, appears to be taking too much risk while batting. But the same calculated risk has made Sehwag a great player. A batsman like Sehwag will take a little more time in sorting out his batting problems than someone like Rahul. Rahul's game is based on ones and twos, while Sehwag's is on scoring shots. It was a right decision to bring back Sehwag as an opener. Indian bowling looked spic and span with Pathan showing great control with the new ball. Bowling attack Although the opponents were not exactly a great team, skipper Ganguly had a good run with all the non-regular bowlers. Playing a regular wicketkeeper will call for non-regular bowlers to fill in 10 overs. The biggest question that will haunt the team management before the next match will be whether to go with Anil Kumble or a third seamer. Considering Agarkars ordinary form with the ball, the pendulum might swing in favour of Anil. This will be a difficult decision for the team management to make. (PTI)