'Australians intimidate with their looks'

There will be many memorable moments from India's victory in South Africa but perhaps one of the most memorable will be Sreesanth.

updated: October 05, 2007 17:06 IST
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There will be many memorable moments from India's victory in South Africa but perhaps one of the most memorable will be Sreesanth. He speaks to NDTV after returning from South Africa.

NDTV: Congratulations, you were having a good time?

Sreesanth: I have just started but I have never even seen this (welcome), I have seen chief ministers, I have seen film stars but I've never seen it like this.

NDTV: You haven't seen this but not too many cricket fans hadn't seen anything like your reactions everytime you took wickets. You looked like you were really fired up, I remember the Hayden wicket?

Sreesanth: Yes, it was Australia and they are the world champions and there was an opportunity given and it was a great opportunity to test yourself. The Australians really intimidate you with their looks and the way they talk and I thought why not, they may be huge and they stare at your eyes so I thought why not give them a stare back and if they talk why don't you talk back and I think it worked.

NDTV: The Australian game was a big one for you but one of the commentators are remarking that it takes some guts to talk back to somebody who is double your side?

Sreesanth: On the field it is fine, as long as he's just a batsman. I am not in a WWF field where I will be shouting. As long as it is inside the field I can get anyone out. I don't have to get scared just because someone is huge but off the field, no I'll just say, ''Hi what's up?''

NDTV: Sreesanth did you want you were as consistent as you wanted to be in this tournament because there were some fluctuations in the performance, like in the finals did you feel you could bowl more economically?

Sreesanth: I think so, I was getting into good rhythm if you see from the first match I was getting better but in the semi-finals I was warned for aggression so I was a bit conscious. So I was not myself in the finals.

I was trying to laugh even when the batsmen were hitting because I was trying not to get angry. Maybe that's what happened. There was inconsistency specially in the first over of the finals. To give away 20 plus runs is cruel thing so the walkback was serious. It was a learning experience. I am sure I will get more consistent.

NDTV: And you took the last crucial catch?

Sreesanth: I don't know everyone is talking about the catch. Thanks to Robin Singh. Robin sir has really helped to improve my fielding so espeically as I am a fast bowler I don't know always how to anticipate the batsmen so in that Robin Singh helped in the fielding. So the minute he moved I stepped back and thanks to Robin sir for that.

NDTV: Thanks a lot for talking to us and congratulations.