Dhoni is best captain: Yuvraj

If there was one player who managed to re-define the entire tournament for India and change everything for India it was Yuvraj Singh.

updated: November 06, 2007 15:52 IST
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If there was one player who managed to re-define the entire tournament for India and change everything for India it was Indian ODI Vice-Captain Yuvraj Singh. NDTV spoke to Yuvraj Singh in Mumbai.

NDTV: Congratulations Yuvraj. You just seem like you were on fire.

Yuvraj Singh: Pretty happy the way I batted in the tour. First two games had a good nick wanted to be positive against England.

NDTV: In that England game what set you off. Was that chat with Flintoff that set you off?

Yuvraj Singh: Whenever you have a chat it's always when both teams are competing, you want to say a few things to each other.

NDTV: So what did he say?

Yuvraj Singh: I can't say that on TV what happened over there. So I got fired up and it made me play a good inning. So I was happy about it.

NDTV: When the broad's over started you had lined up for the six sixes, all six, you are going to knock out.

Yuvraj Singh: See there were three overs left and I had nothing to lose and we had six wickets in hand. So I just played my shots and I just was happy to hit all six balls out of the ground.

NDTV: No one was sure whether you were going to hit all six. So by then were you thinking that let me just try and put the demons of your own England's experience behind.

Yuvraj Singh: Well obviously, I got hit for five sixes in Oval, which was a nightmare for me. And after four sixes, I thought this is the opportunity to give it back and luckily worked for me.

NDTV: Were you a bit disappointed with your own role in the final? Did you feel that you couldn't hold on as long as you wanted to?

Yuvraj Singh: It's 20-20 you don't have much time to think about these things. You just have to be positive and it can't come off everyday. Someone had to play a role. That day Gautam played a big role so I am very happy with the way he batted.

NDTV: Yes he batted extraordinarily. Yuvraj this has been an extraordinary team it's a very young team with a very young captain. Is this the generation next of Indian cricket. Is this the future?

Yuvraj Singh: Of course, you can see we have beaten the best teams in the World Cup and this is what's going to happen in the future, these are the boys. We have a few examples. Rohit Sharma hasn't played enough, just played two international games before came in big pressure against home team South Africa performed brilliantly. RP bowled brilliantly. Bhajji bowled brilliantly.

NDTV: Even Joginder coming and bowling.

Yuvraj Singh: Bowling last over playing 1-2 games of the career they take a lot of responsibility whenever MS Dhoni called them they have showed up.

NDTV: How is it have Dhoni as a captain. All this along he has been a colleague and a friend. How would you rate him? What has the experience been like?

Yuvraj Singh: Obviously responsibility on young shoulder. He is playing both Test and one day cricket. That's why he is the captain and the best part about Dhoni was that he was very calm in all situations. He used to ask for advice from senior players and I think he is going on the right track.

NDTV: Yuvraj you had a peculiar move which intrigued everybody, the pumping gesture where was that coming from you were just fired up?

Yuvraj Singh: Just fired up. Semi-final was a very important game and we gave it all and we were very happy about it.

NDTV: Was that the turning point for you, the semi-finals?

Yuvraj Singh: No I think we had to win the game against South Africa and then we beat Australian and then we beat Pakistan. So we played brilliant cricket all together.

NDTV: Just want to ask you, don't want to strike a sour note or anything you were also in race for captaincy either for T20 or one days any regrets on losing out?

Yuvraj Singh: No regrets whoever is the captain you have to support him you know what Dhoni has done for India he has won the World Cup that's the best captain we have at the moment.

NDTV: May be it will be Yuvraj Singh one day, thank you very much. Congratulations once again.