Uthappa speaks about Team India's attitude

Robin Uthappa, member of the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup winning team, speaks about the changed attitude of the Indian team.

updated: September 29, 2007 08:52 IST
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Indian cricket team returned to a heroes' welcome after wining the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup beating arch rival Pakistan in the final. NDTV speaks to Robin Uthappa, a member of the winning team.

NDTV: Were you expecting these scenes when you were coming back from the airport?

Uthappa : Well no. We though it would take about two and a half hours. It lasted five years. After a point we were in a trance. It's an amazing feeling to come back home where everyone is pleased. In retrospect when we think about what happened when we came back from the 2007 World Cup, I feel really satisfied. As a 21-year-old, who has just been in the loop for a year and a half, it's really satisfying.

NDTV: Any moment from that procession that stands out in your mind? After all you had a bird's eye view of the crowds. Something that stood out?

Uthappa : Well for me the old people, the really aged people who stood out of the windows, clapped, waved that stood out for me. Those people who really took interest in the game, the fact that they were watching the game and loved the game that much, it goes to show that we really pleased everyone in the country.

NDTV: Robin, you did great in all the big matches, Australia, South Africa, what was happening to you guys. It looked like you were playing fearlessly?

Uthappa : Well I think that's what happens when you play as a team. When you play as a team you know someone or the other is going to deliver. And when each one goes out to bat, they take it upon themselves not to pass the buck to the other person who is coming into bat or coming in to bowl. So I think even when we did not get a big score, the bowlers bowled really well. The fielding was outstanding in the whole tournament. We really wanted to do well.

NDTV: Everyone was so fired up. We have never seen the Indian team so charged. You were talking back to the Australians, giving attitude to the South Africans.

Uthappa : I think we got to fight fire with fire. And that's going to be the attitude from hereon. You are going to see a very aggressive Indian team from hereon.