Online tickets for final Indo-Pak match

Cricket buffs' fun is often ruined by the mayhem for tickets that has often led to ugly clashes before One Day matches.

updated: November 07, 2007 10:04 IST
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Cricket buffs' fun is often ruined by the mayhem for tickets that has often led to ugly clashes before one day matches.

But in a bid to minimize this crisis, the Rajasthan Cricket Association will sell tickets online for the final India-Pak ODI on 18th November.

This is the first time that cricket tickets are being sold online in India.

Long queues for cricket tickets may soon be a thing of the past in Jaipur. For the final ODI between India and Pakistan, half of the total 27000 thousand tickets will be sold online.

All you have to do is click on to and book your tickets. And by paying a Convenience Fee equal to 5% of your ticket cost, you can actually get the tickets delivered to your home.

"Really all it will require is to have your credit card and get online and then you can buy your tickets," said Neetu Bhatia, CEO,

"Those are the only two things that you will need. It's just a two-click process and you are there, you've got your ticket and you are done. And of course, no queues at all," she added.

Besides the rush, the problem of fake tickets has often marred ODI matches in Jaipur.

The Rajasthan Cricket Association was even served an Income Tax notice after the India-Sri Lanka ODI two years ago. But the RCA hopes going online will be a big boon.

"There are usually huge queues for tickets, people come from five o'clock in the morning and that creates security hassles. But all this will be avoided through the online ticketing system. And also counterfeiting of tickets will also be removed," said Bimal Soni, Deputy President, RCA.

But the online tickets will be available only for the more expensive seats, costing 2000 rupees and more. And cheaper tickets will still be sold only through counter sales.

The mess over ticket sales in Hyderabad has already led to a case being slapped against the BCCI President.

And by going online, the RCA hopes to minimise the mayhem for tickets as cricket fever has started peaking for the India-Pakistan series.