The tale of Sachin's Nervous Nineties

Sachin Tendulkar would have thought that the numerology for this day was just right.

updated: November 17, 2007 07:58 IST
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New Delhi:

Sachin Tendulkar would have thought that the numerology for this day was just right.

After all, it was on this date, 15th November 1989, that he made his test debut against Pakistan.

He was playing at Gwalior, a venue where he made 100 in his last outing.

So when he got into the 90s in this game, one felt that it was destined that he would get his 42nd one day hundred.

But sadly that was not the case.

It is now six times this year that Sachin has fallen to the Nervous Nineties.

But like he said, he doesn't mind as long as India wins.

When asked after the match on Thursday, what did your son say after you got out for 99 in Mohali, Sachin replied, "He told me to hit a six on 94."

The fourth ODI in Gwalior saw posters of people saying, Sachin please get 99 + 1.

Sachin didn't take his son's advise, and the Gods didn't answer the prayers of these fans.

He got out to Gul in Gwalior.

There was still some consolation for Sachin. His run a ball 97 with 16 boundaries was a master class and resulted in a series win for India.

But personal milestones seem to be eluding the Bombay Bomber who seems to display all the fireworks till the 90s only to self-destruct after that.

Umar Gul has now got him twice in the series. Out of the six nineties this year, this was the only one that was actually an umpiring error.

The first time was on 99 in Mohali. That made Tendulkar, the first player in cricket to be out on 99 thrice in his career, all three times was 2007.

So Tendulkar has now just extended his world record for most 90s in one-dayers to 16. Nobody in this list has a chance of catching up since they have all retired with the exception of Jacques Kallis.

Tendulkar thankfully has not missed that many test 100s but if you add it all up, it is 23 hundreds he has missed till now which would have made it a 101 in all.

However, Tendulkar will still almost definitely get to that triple mark, given the form he is in.

But for now, he would be well advised to make a trip to Sidhivinayak temple or consult a numerologist or maybe just listen to his son.