Netizens slam ban on Harbhajan

Soon after the news broke that off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has been banned for three Test matches on racism charge, the net surfers reacted in anguish.

updated: January 08, 2008 11:28 IST
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New Delhi:

Soon after the news broke that off-spinner Harbhajan Singh has been banned for three Test matches on racism charge, net surfers reacted in anguish and outrage to the decision.

"(I am) disappointed to hear the news that Bhajji is banned for three Test. We should call off the tour and let it be a history," said Somu, India.

"(The) BCCI should call back (the) Indian team now," feels Bilas, India.

Dr Sivaprasad from Oman writes that, "After what has happened in Australia, I would like to call it a 'Black Sunday'. Added to this, Bhajji's three match suspension. I sincerely call our BCCI to fight Bhajji's case."

Netizens are also outraged about the fact that Andrew Symonds, who was involved in the alleged racism row, was not punished.

"If Harbhajan has been banned for three Test matches, why not Symonds? It is very disappointing for all Indian cricket fans," feels Lakshman, India.

Bad umpiring

The second Test between India and Australia in Sydney has earned a dubious distinction and will go down in history as one of the worst cricketing moments.

On the line of fire are the two gentlemen on the field donning the role of umpires.

The whole cricketing world was shocked to see how the two men entirely changed the outcome of the game, which was initially going in India's favour.

At crucial points of the game, the fatal duo of Buckner and Benson dealt severe blows to Team India.

Now the BCCI has decided to take matter to the International Cricket Council.

The successive wrong decisions by the umpires ostensibly going against Team India have outraged the Netizens too.

They are venting their anger against Steve Buckner and Mark Benson, who made one after another questionable decisions and brought the gentlemen's game to disrepute.

"BCCI should take up the umpiring issue with the ICC and pressurise to declare the match as null and void," feels Jagadeeshan from India.

"Steve Bucknor should be booked for racial abuse and not Harbhajan Singh. If Australia is really as good a team (then) they should not depend on the umpires but allow their performance on the field to win matches. They have become an arrogant lot and the sledging on the field that they indulge in is public knowledge," said Radha from India.

Dubious decision

There is no denying the fact that Australia are the world champions and have made history by winning the three consecutive World Cups, but they certainly did not reflect the sportsmanship during the Sydney Test.

Saurav Ganguly was given out, caught by Clarke, but the television replays showed that he had actually grounded the ball during the act of catching. However, when umpire Mark Benson checked with captain Ricky Ponting, he did not hesitate and said Ganguly was out.

"Team India was cheated out certainly by Ponting & Co with the help of two umpires. Is it another type of match fixing? (It) must be probed," said Kishor Pathade, India.

Cricket in India is no more only a game. It has acquired a religious significance. Here everything matters, right from Yuvraj's love life to how he plays on the field.

Therefore, when cricket fans get to see something like Sydney, their reaction is always forthcoming.

"Today India has not lost the Test match but it has lost to a conspiracy of Ponting and his men including two umpires," said Dilip V Satbhai, India.

So much is the anger of the Netizens that they are calling the Australian team as cheat and that they play with 13 players.

"After years this match reminds me of the old issues in cricket "a team playing with 13 players," said Prashant Patil, India.

"Last time a poor decision was made by an umpire (and) that Test was removed from the records (Daryl Hair row). I feel that this Test should also be removed from record since two people, who had no participation in the game, changed the course and reversed the results," said Sukesh Nair from India.

For the cricket lovers, who eat, sleep and talk cricket, Sydney Test is rather a forgettable chapter and the one which has sparked a debate on the need for a greater role of technology into the game.