ICC to ask Sunil Gavaskar to step down

The former India captain had said "dinosaurs" like Australia and England were not taking India's rise well.

updated: April 08, 2008 08:25 IST
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New Delhi:

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has decided to ask legendary cricketer and former India captain Sunil Gavaskar to step down as Chairman of the ICC Cricket Committee due to a conflict of interests between his honorary post and his paid role as a columnist and commentator, The Times online edition said on Tuesday.

According to the report, a decision that Gavaskar should resign from his post was taken unanimously at last week's ICC Executive's Meeting in Dubai. The decision comes in the aftermath of certain comments that Gavaskar made during and after the recently concluded India-Australia series down-under.

Gavaskar had been critical of the Aussie aggressiveness during the series. The ICC executives felt that Gavaskar's position in the Cricket Committee conflicted with his work as a columnist and commentator.

Gavaskar had described Australia and England as "dinosaurs", who were unable to "open their eyes and see the reality" that India is the new superpower both on and off the field.