Netizen: Tired of BCCI's autocratic ways

I am pained to see the arbitrary ways of our cricket board that has put a blanket ban on the young and talented ICL players, says reader Vinayak.

updated: April 17, 2008 18:06 IST
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I wouldn't call myself a cricket fanatic but I am a general sports lover and I am pained to see the arbitrary way our cricket board, the BCCI, has put a blanket ban over talented young guys from representing their countries.

This makes me wonder if we are living in a dictatorship where certain honest individuals do not have a choice to ply their trade and look for a better life/options.

It is well known how apathetic the treatment of domestic cricketers was and even if it wasn't, I don't understand how their choice to work with a professional organization providing them an opportunity to work with some of the best in the world, could make them ineligible to represent India?

Already, in six months, there's been a huge performance jump by these guys given the professional grooming they have received. It's a fact that can tell a lot about the state of Indian cricket - which the successes might just be despite the board rather than due to it.

I am amazed that BCCI has been allowed to proceed with such obnoxiousness and no one really in the media/country has questioned this utterly greedy and monopolistic move of the board. Not just that, even the current players would not come out in support of these young boys who have shown so much heart and talent in their efforts - for the board may take arbitrary actions against them with the same impunity.

Just put yourself in the shoes of these cricketers who have attempted to do nothing but utilize the best opportunity that they came across to improve and groom themselves. And they have shown results.

Please keep in mind not everyone is born with the talents of Tendulkar and Dravid. Why should we allow the board to deprive these kids these opportunities? It cannot get away by simply throwing money at those that come into the limelight.

I really wonder who will speak up for the likes of Ambati Rayudu, Stuart Binny, Ibrahim Khaleel, TP Singh, Ali Murtaza, R Sathish, Thiru Kumaran and so many more wonderful young talents that the ICL has unearthed?

If six months of training can get them to where they are now, imagine what would be possible if they had had the same treatment since they were 14! Is it not something worth fighting for with the BCCI? If you haven't, please go through the matches, the performances that our boys have put in the current ICL season.