Anecdotes of Indian World Cup winning team revealed

Srikkant, Azad, team manager share hilarious stories from India's triumphant summer in England.

updated: June 26, 2008 16:10 IST
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New Delhi:

It is 25 summers since this bunch of Indian cricketers joined hands to stir up a storm in the cricketing world by winning the Prudential World Cup but their enthusiasm and camaraderie remains unchanged.

The boys have grown up to become men but their closed door chats, closely guarded tales and anecdotes, which transpired within the team on that momentous occasion was also still fresh on their minds when they re-united on Monday to celebrate the silver jubilee of the win.

The team of 15 players walked down their memory lanes and regaled the audience and the media persons with those secrets which were kept under the carpet all these years.

Former opener Kris Srikkanth reminisces once such incident about Yashpal Sharma.

"I was interested to watch English films but Yashpal always used to push me to watch Kranti to improve my Hindi.

"He used to butter Sunil Gavaskar as he wanted to be in the team and would praise him high and low... I guess even today he has not given up that," he quips.

Srikkanth also remembers how he was asked by the manager not to move and stay firm in the position were he was during the India-Zimbabwe match.

"We were tottering for 17 for 5 and Kapil stepped in. It was very cold and I wanted to go to the loo, but the manager asked me to stay at that position as long as Kapil was batting. We were very superstitious and so I stood there enduring the cold wind," he said.

Kirti Azad remembers how he was saved by Roger Binny after he was pushed to a swimming pool.

"Once during a party, everybody was high on booze. Some were wearing casuals but I was in suit when I decided to play a prank and pushed Binny in the swimming pool. After that I was also pushed in the pool but I didn't knew swimming so Binny had to come to my rescue," he said.

P.R. Man Singh, the manager of the team then also has a lot to share.

"After the India-Australia match, we were heading towards the hotel in our cab, when the driver skipped a red light.

When I asked him, he said nothing will happen as it was late night. But soon there was this traffic police who asked us to pull over. But I convinced him somehow that I was the Indian coach and he players were resting. After sometime he let us go," he ruminates.

He also remembers how he was once asked by skipper Kapil to leave the room.

"I was asked by Kapil to leave the room after the finals, I felt really hurt but after sometime he came to me and said that the team has decided to share everything with me, I felt so happy," he said.