ICC cracks whip on 'comfort breaks'

The ICC has ruled that substitutes would be allowed on the field only in 'extreme circumstances'.

updated: July 09, 2008 17:08 IST
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Taking a serious note of the 'comfort breaks' generally taken by fielders in the middle of an innings, the ICC said substitutes would be permitted only in extreme circumstances.

During the ICC's Chief Executive Committee meeting here, a series of ammendments were made on the playing conditions which will come into effect from the September-slated Champions Trophy in Pakistan.

The CEC decided that substitute fielders would only be permitted in cases of injury, illness or other wholly acceptable reasons.

"Wholly acceptable reasons should be limited to extreme circumstances and should not include what is commonly referred to as a comfort break," the ICC said in a statement.

The CEC also decided that in case of controversial catches, which had become a talking point during India's tour of Australia, the two on-field umpires have the right to consult the third umpire. However, if the third umpire is not certain about the authenticity of the catch, the decision rests on the shoulders of the bowlers' end umpire.

"Should the bowler's end umpire still not be able to decide, a not-out decision shall be given," the statement said.

It was also agreed in the CEC meeting that three fielders will be permitted outside the 30-yard circle during the second and third powerplays to provide protection to the spinners and the batting side would decide when one of either the second or third powerplays takes place.

Earlier, the third fielder was allowed outside the restriction area during either the second or third powerplay.

The new rule on powerplay would be implemented from October 1.

The committee, however, retained the rules reagarding the mandatory change of balls and free hits.

The CEC also decided that the interval in an ODI be reduced by the amount of actual playing time lost, up to a maximum of 15 minutes, rather than the current requirement of reducing the interval to 30 minutes only after more than 60 minutes have been lost and would be implemented immediately.