50-over game set for major changes, says ICC

Dave Richardson of the ICC says the 50 over game would make way for a 40 over one, or even two innings of 20 overs each.

updated: July 12, 2008 14:31 IST
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New Delhi:

The low crowd turn-out at the Asia Cup was perhaps the final straw for the ICC, as they finally admitted, that post the IPL, the 50-over format is now under serious threat.

The world body of cricket in fact is thinking of alternate ways of making ODIs more interesting and those innovative changes could be implemented very soon.

What's really encouraging is that the ICC is actually keen to do something about it, and finally we may see some real innovative changes in the ODI format being implemented really soon.

Dave Richardson, general manager of cricket, ICC, says "The 50-over game may have to pave way for 40-over matches or even two innings of 20 overs each. The goal is to preserve all three formats says Richardson, as we have to preserve Test cricket as the pinnacle of the game. But are people willing to watch a 50-over game when T20 promises more action in less time? That is the challenge."

The ICC is also quick to admit that there is way too much ODI cricket being played which defied logic and several series were just meaningless, serving only the purpose of earning revenue, which is probably also why interest was waning.

And given that the ODI format is far less sacrosanct than Tests, and has been through quite a few changes, starting at 60 overs to 55 and then dropping further to the current 50, further changes will be embraced without much protest.

The ICC while admitting the success of the IPL continues to maintain that this should be reserved for the domestic forum, as a means of allowing local talent to develop, along with providing a renewed lease of life for local cricket.