Dalmiya, Ganguly headed for showdown?

With Jagmohan Dalmiya back in power in Bengal, it remains to be seen if Sourav Ganguly keeps his word and walks out of the Ranji Trophy team.

updated: August 03, 2008 13:02 IST
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It's but a small step for Jagmohan Dalmiya but it could have the BCCI very irritated. The former big boss of Indian cricket and the ICC has made a comeback in cricket administration by winning the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) elections.

A triumphant Dalmiya said he wants to work in the interest of cricket and for that, he's even willing to extend the hand of friendhship to the BCCI, which has slapped various charges of misappropriation of funds against him.

Dalmiya said, "You all are apprehensive that Jagmohan Dalmiya is here - what is going to happen with the BCCI. This is the question in every one of your minds, and I understand that.

"As far as our association is concerned, we want to come up, we want top improve our cricket, and this is entirely for cricket. If that be the so, I will extend the hand of friendship to the Board, that please don't make our association suffer. You want to take me on, take me on. I'm available."

Dalmiya almost didn't get to make this very valid point. Kolkata's media fraternity was so excited at his comeback that they mobbed him after the election results were announced.

The former BCCI president won by a margin of 24 votes over the incumbent Prasun Mukherjee. So how does this win compare to the one he had over A.C. Muthiah to become Board President in 2001?

Dalmiya said, "That victory was for power. This one is for cricket. Bengal has been relegated we need to get it back on track. Many things were done and many things need to be undone."

Bengal were relegated to the Plate Division of the Ranji Trophy and have lost eight major players to Indian Cricket League.

The task of climbing back to the Premier Division may get difficult of Sourav Ganguly carries out his threat of dumping Bengal in the event of a Dalmiya win.

Dalmiya thinks this is a non-issue. "This is a dead issue, a non issue Why do you want to make it live?"

Interestingly, Ganguly had kept track of the elections from Sri Lanka. In the end, he was disappointed to know of Dalmiya's comeback.

Dalmiya now not only has to win his battles against the powers-that-be in the BCCI, he also needs to win some battles at home as well.