Batting team to choose one Powerplay: ICC

The ICC announced new playing conditions that give liberty to on-field umpires to consult the third umpire in case of unclean catches.

updated: September 30, 2008 18:20 IST
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The International Cricket Council on Tuesday announced new playing conditions that give liberty to on-field umpires to consult the third umpire in case of unclean catches and also bar players from taking 'comfort breaks' in one-dayers.

The new rules, to be applicable from Wednesday, have been aimed at improving the the quality of one-day cricket matches.

"These amendments, which were unanimously approved by all 10 Full Members and the three Associate Member representatives on the CEC at its meeting at the end of June, are designed to improve the game for players, umpires and spectators," ICC said in a statement.

The statment said Clause 2 of the playing conditions with regard to substitute fileders will be amended.

"Substitute fielders shall only be permitted in cases of injury, illness or other wholly acceptable reasons. 'Wholly acceptable reasons' should be limited to extreme circumstances and should not include what is commonly referred to as a 'comfort break'," the statement explained.

In case of clean catches, Clause (b) will be amended.

"Should both umpires be unable to make a decision, they may consult by two-way radio with the third umpire as to whether there is any definitive evidence as to whether the catch was taken cleanly or not.

"Following such consultation, the final decision will be made and given by the bowler's-end umpire. Should the bowler's-end umpire still not be able to decide, a not-out decision shall be given," ICC said.

In another change in the playing conditions, "The batting team will be permitted to choose when one of either the second or third PowerPlays takes place."

Three fielders will be permitted outside the field restriction areas during both the second and third PowerPlays.

Previously, the third fielder was allowed outside the circle during either the second or third PowerPlay.

"The idea behind the amendment is to offer greater opportunity for spinners to bowl with the safety net of more protection," ICC said.

However, the ICC retained the rules regarding the change of ball and free hits.

"It was agreed to continue with the playing condition that requires a mandatory change of ball at the commencement of the 35th over in ODIs.

"The current playing condition relating to free hits following a foot fault no-ball in ODIs and Twenty20 Internationals is retained."

The amendment regarding the interval between innings during One-Day International matches was implemented immediately at the time of the CEC meeting at the end of June.