Sanjay Dixit to fight Modi for top job in RCA polls

Riding on the support of the state government and the prevailing anti-Modi sentiments, an IAS officer Sanjay Dixit will challenge the might of Lalit Modi.

updated: February 28, 2009 17:35 IST
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Riding on the support of the state government and the prevailing anti-Modi sentiments, an IAS officer Sanjay Dixit will challenge the might of RCA president and IPL commissioner Lalit Modi for the top job in the RCA election on Sunday.

The buoyant Dixit Group has left secretary Subhash Joshi out of their panel, while Modi faction had to field lesser number of candidates against the number of posts.

The post of secretary will be contested by Asho Ohri and Modi loyalist Amin Pathan. After the with drawls there are 40 candidates in fray for the 21 posts of the RCA executive.

The AGM of Rajasthan Cricket Association will be held at 10am tomorrow and then the voting of 32 district units will take place at the future cricket academy from 11 am to 1 pm.

Sources say Joshi faction has acquired the authorities from almost 18 districts and Modi is facing a tough time. However, unfazed Modi exuded confidence.

"It is not correct to predict any thing. Wait for the results till tomorrow," said Modi, who has accused the Ashok Gehlot Government for supporting the rival section and intimidating the voters.

About 15 years ago, Dixit became the president of the Barmer district during his tenure in the tiny hamlet in western Rajasthan and after conducting few state level events he burst into the big scene.

It is believed that Dixit was the force who drafted the sports ordinance of state but Modi with his good relations with the then chief Minister Vasundhara Raje sideline him and with the government's support rose to the top in RCA and then to the dizzy heights in BCCI and Indian Premier League.

Life seems to have turned full circle now as Sanjay is in a position, where Modi was four years back during last polls. "We have decided to make Subhash Joshi the Chairman of the RCA and he would also be the RCA representative to the BCCI in all meetings if we win in the elections tomorrow," said Dixit.

Secretary Joshi said his prime concern is to uproot Modi and hoped to do so tomorrow.

"Our group is like a family for me. Fighting the election would have sent a wrong message. Our aim is to remove Modi and I believe we are in a position to do that," Joshi said.

The discussion over the voting right of some of the districts is far from over and the Advocates of Modi camp were seen discussing the matter with Justice Kasliwal, who has been appointed by the Supreme Court as man-in-charge for the Polls.

"The constitution of RCA says that the secretary has the power to cast vote on behalf of association. Pali district has nominated Mugdutt Pushkarna to vote but the letter of authority has to be obtained "legally."

"We still have not received the copy of the decision but according to the RCA constitution the authority letter has to be signed by the Secretary and the President. The constitution either mine or that of Devaram Choudhary does not allow the executive to supercede the secretary," said Modi.

The complete list of the candidates for the 21 post of RCA executive is as follows:

President: (one post)- Sanjay Dixit, Lalit Kumar Modi Deputy President: (One post ) Shiv Charan, Kuldeep Srivastav.

Vice president: (6 posts) Rajkumar Mathur, Rajendra singh Rathore, Md Iqbal, Vimal Sharma, Sushil Sharma, Rajesh Kumar Mathur, NripJit Surpur, Mahendra Nahar, Ramesh Gupta, Rajesh Sharma, hareshvardhan Singh.

Hon. Secretary: (one post) Ashok Kumar Ohri, amin Pathan. Joint Secretary: (4 posts) Navndu Tyagi, Ashok Gehlot, Giriraj Sanadhya, Vivek Vyas, Somendra Tiwari, Pawan Goyal, Mukesh Bohra, Shakti Singh Rathore

Treasurer: (One post) C P Ojha, Mahendra Sharma. Organising Secretary: (4 posts) B K Upadhyaya, Pradep Nagar,Farooque Ahmed, Karunesh Joshi, Satish Vyas, vinod Saharan.

Executive members: (3 posts) Ratan Singh, Devaram Choudhary, Krishna Nimawat, Suil Rana, Abdul Hafiz Khan, Mahesh Sarraf, Zakir Hussain.