India Blowing Things Out of Proportion, Says Michael Vaughan

James Anderson allegedly pushed and abused Ravindra Jadeja on the second day of the drawn opening Test in Nottingham. The Indians pressed formal charges quite a few days later and the English responded by counter-charging Jadeja.

updated: July 17, 2014 16:02 IST
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Anderson-Jadeja row
Former England captain Michael Vaughan said Anderson-Jadeja row sounds like nothing more than a minor bust-up.

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London: Insisting that the much talked-about altercation between Ravindra Jadeja and James Anderson was nothing more than a "minor bust-up, former England captain Michael Vaughan said the visiting Indians were blowing things out of proportion in an attempt to unsettle the home team. (Related: England Warn Ballance for Pub Misconduct)

"It is all a bit pathetic and sad that India have reported James Anderson for something that sounds like nothing more than a minor bust-up - something that can happen in the pressurised environment of Test cricket," Vaughan wrote in 'The Daily Telegraph'.

"The sad part for me is that they could not sort this out between the teams before going to the International Cricket Council. India are such a powerful force in world cricket but the game needs them to wield that power responsibly and make sure they do not just use that influence to their own advantage, as naive as that may sound," said the former skipper.

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