FIFA World Cup: From Bananas to Liquid Soaps, Teams Make Bizarre Demands

While celebrities and royalty are infamous for making outlandish demands, football teams are not too far behind. Just ask hoteliers in Brazil who are welcoming teams ahead of the FIFA World Cup.

updated: June 07, 2014 13:40 IST
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Portugal Team Hotel, Brazil


Football players around the world are considered demi-gods. And they expect to be treated like one too - especially during the 'holy ceremony' called FIFA World Cup. It shouldn't be surprising then that several teams have made special - and mostly bizarre - demands ahead of the tournament in Brazil. (Adjoining is an image from Portugal's team hotel)

Hoteliers across Brazil, according to a report in the Independent, have been given a list by several participating teams. The list outlines the special needs of players - crucial for determining the success in the marquee football event. So while Ecuador want their local banana varieties to be delivered daily, the Bosnian side has called for sound-proofed screens in their rooms to provide complete isolation to players.

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