Kolkata Couple's Ninth Tryst with FIFA World Cup

He is 81. She is 72. For Pannalal and Chaitali Chatterjee from Kolkata though, age is hardly a deterrent when it comes to following their favourite sport - football - and the FIFA World Cup.

updated: June 11, 2014 12:46 IST
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Kolkata: The husband is 81 and a former footballer, the wife 72 and a football fan. This Kolkata couple loves football so much that they are off to Brazil next week to watch the World Cup. In 1982, they were in England when a friend suggested they go watch the World Cup in Spain. Smitten, they made it their life's ambition to watch every subsequent World Cup. This year will be their ninth.

Today, as they pack their bag, they are as excited as their first time at the beautiful game. "I went to Spain for the first time, then Mexico, then Italy, then America, the fifth was France, then Germany, then Japan-Korea, then South Africa and now we are going to Brazil," said Pannalal Chatterjee.

His wife Chaitali Chatterjee adds, "We enjoyed it so much the first time and the football is so advanced, unless you sit in the ground and watch, it is just not the same thing. We enjoyed ourselves so much, we said, let's save and see if it is possible to go again. We managed."

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