Shipment of Cash Prevents a Boycott

The Ghanaian players' discontent over the lack of payment had been simmering for days, and exploded Tuesday when they refused to train - even threatening to boycott their FIFA World Cup match against Portugal on Thursday - until they were paid more than $3 million in appearance fees, to be divided among the 23 players.

updated: June 26, 2014 16:31 IST
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Ghana pay dispute
Each Ghana player will get as much as $130,000.

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Brasilia: An airplane laden with cash descended into Brazilian airspace, or so Ghana's national soccer team was told Wednesday, and the question for each player shifted away from the topics of how to stop Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo or whether they had a realistic chance to advance to the second round of the World Cup.

What would they do with all the cash - as much as $130,000 per man - especially when any criminal with evil intent is aware they have it?

Ghana coach James Kwesi Appiah, sitting at a podium at a news conference, buried his face in his hands, trying to contain his laughter.

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