Carrot and Stick Needed to Change Luis Suarez

Footballers around the world should speak out on Suarez, on biting, stamping, spitting, match-fixing and any other intolerable behavior by one player against another.

updated: June 27, 2014 16:22 IST
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Suarez Carrot
Suarez needs to be spoken to and told how he has let his team down.

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Belo Horizonte, Brazil: How is it that footballers are among the few who've not had much to say about the bite seen around the world, now punished with an appropriately tough ban?

Luis Suarez's peers surely can't all be fearful that he might chomp them next if they voice an opinion about his penchant for man-flesh. Some of his teammates and his latest victim, Giorgio Chiellini, told their (conflicting) sides of this bizarre story.

But other players are too busy trying to win the World Cup to worry themselves with the Uruguay striker, what football should do about him and whether the punishment FIFA meted out Thursday fits his crime. Their broad silence, punctuated by few exceptions, has been deafening when the rest of planet football talked and tweeted up a storm about Suarez fanging the Italian defender's shoulder and now being sent home.

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