Beckham mum on transfer saga

David Beckham yet to air views on the transfer saga in which he is embroiled.

updated: February 25, 2007 09:48 IST
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When it comes to David Beckham, all that the media is most interested in these days is the transfer saga in which he is embroiled. But the football star is yet to make an official statement on the issue. Beckham has just returned home from the United States, and is scheduled to leave for Asia for a promotional visit. However, the PR world seems to think that Beckham should go to a place that suits his wife's profile as well. "If I were advising David Beckham from a purely PR perspective, Real Madrid would be the place to go. And then Victoria would still be bathed in the adulation which she seems to so enjoy," remarked Max Clifford, a PR consultant. Meanwhile, Barca fans are already convinced that Beckham is on his way in, since Juan Laporta's promise to bring the midfielder over won him the presidential elections for the club. However, former Manchester United greats are not too happy with the way Beckham is being treated. George Best, a former Manchester United member, said, "They seem to have done it behind his back. He seems to be a pig-in-the middle so to speak and it's not fair to someone who's given so much loyalty to one club. Loyalty is rare these days and he certainly has given it to Manchester United and I think he's been treated abysmally." And there's more trouble for United. Britain's financial watchdog, the Financial Services Authority, is investigating whether the club breached share trading rules by posting news of the possible Barcelona deal on its website instead of notifying the authorities first. Justin Urquhart Stewart, a financial analyst, said, "Unfortunately it looks as if they've committed a form of financial foul. This is where the sports world and the finance world clashes. There are clear rules and regulations about what you have to say when you're putting out information regarding any asset or valuable piece of data - and in the case of football, that applies to players as well." The latest news from the Beckham camp is that the midfielder is determined to stay on at Old Trafford till his contract runs out in 2005. However, the final call it seems doesn't belong to Beckham but rather to his coach, Sir Alex Ferguson.