100,000 locals to support foreign teams

Seoul is arranging for fans for the visiting foreign teams during the World Cup.

updated: February 25, 2007 09:27 IST
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Seoul, which is co-hosting the soccer World cup in a couple of weeks time is adding another dimension to its hospitality. The city is arranging for fans for the visiting foreign teams. Fifteen thousand soccer fans gathered at the Sangam World Cup stadium in Seoul on Saturday to support the foreign national teams, which will play in Korea during the upcoming World Cup. Each country will have a dedicated team of local supporters, just so their players can feel at home. Fans also practiced cheering and chanting the names of each country which they will support. "It will be great if I can help the foreign team. So in order to support the foreign team, I came here with my friends," said Kim Dae-Won, a Korean supporter for Spanish national soccer team. Many foreigners here have already helped with the preparations for the World Cup, with security uppermost in their minds. Representatives of the visiting nations say the attitude of the South Koreans to their countries is heart warming. "I think South Korean security forces are really stepped up. I have been watching all drills that they have had on TV. I think probably they have prepared much better than a lot of countries would be," said Dr Jim Barrett, a university professor. During the course of the tournament, these fans will wear t-shirts with their chosen team's logo, put the nation's national flag in their homes and display them on cars. According to Korean World Cup Organising Committee the total number of 'Foreign Korean Supporters' is expected to reach 100,000.