Mohammedan Sporting Club Adds a Gloomy 'First' to Its Glittering Past

Mohammedan Sporting became the first club among Kolkata's Big Three to suspend football activities for financial problems.

updated: October 20, 2014 18:36 IST
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Chidi Edeh
Chidi Edeh in action vs Mohammedan Sporting in April, 2014.


Mohammedan Sporting's football history had added a sad chapter. The 123-year-old club, that represented the sporting passion of its millions of soccer fans across India, will be out of action indefinitely after club officials decided to discontinue football activities last week. The club said it did not have the funds to run its operations. (Read: Full story here| Video)

Mohammedan Sporting have a brilliant history. Even last year, they won the Durand Cup and the IFA Shield, two of the oldest football tournaments in the world.

Mohammedan Sporting's top 10 glittering spots are as follows:

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