Mohammedan Sporting Does U-Turn, Bankrupt Club Won't Scrap Football Team

Mohammedan Sporting, facing financial crisis, will continue to participate in Indian football tournaments. Durand Cup in Goa will be their first tourney.

updated: October 24, 2014 19:28 IST
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Mohammedan Sporting
File Photo: Mohammedan Sporting celebrate after winning the Durand Cup.


Within a week of declaring the club was bankrupt and unable to run its football operations, Mohammedan Sporting officials have done an U-turn. The 123-year-old club in Kolkata, apparently under pressure from rival members, has decided to continue playing in national tournaments. Players will start training from Saturday for the upcoming Durand Cup to be held in Goa for the first time. (Mohammedan Sporting Add Gloomy First to Glittering Past)

Last Saturday, in a dramatic move, Mohammedan Sporting shut down its club saying the club did not have funds to pay its staff or players. Sultan Ahmed, the club's president, said Mohammedan Sporting were pulling out of the Durand Cup and the I-League Division 2 because they neither had the infrastructure nor the technical qualification to play national-level tournaments.

Speaking to on Friday evening, Ahmed, a Trinamool MP, said: "I never said we were shutting down. We had financial problems which we are trying to sort out. We still don't have sponsors but a couple of well-wishers have now come forward to help the team."

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