Some quotable quotes

Some quotable quotes

updated: December 05, 2008 17:17 IST
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New Delhi:

"The idea is to come first (in the World Cup), not to be among the top four. I don't like that thing about the top four at all."

"So it makes me laugh when they say I'm inexperienced."

"England won the World Cup with a goal that is plain to see did not cross the line. So I don't think they should judge me."

"I don't know why Butcher is taking this attitude. If people are fine with me, I'll greet them. Let Butcher get on with his life and I'll get on with my life. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it."

"I want Mascherano to be my captain because I believe he is the Argentinian player who is closest to the idea I have about the Argentinian shirt - sweat for it, sacrifice for it, being a professional, being close to the team-mate."

"Being the coach of the national team coach and being alongside Carlos is an honour for me. I will do my best to succeed. We will work every day to make Argentina have a better national team day by day."

"As long as we've got the ball and we get some respect for the jersey I'll go away very calm."

"We have what it takes to make sure Argentina smiles while watching the national team play."

"A nation like Argentina does not play friendlies."