Meeting Michael Schumacher and experiencing aura around him

Michael Schumacher has a personality and a shining two-decade career which can have a mesmerising effect on fans. Even us journalists can be left spellbound because after all somewhere deep down, even we are die-hard fans, are we not?

updated: October 29, 2012 12:13 IST
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New Delhi: A distance of 6 feet separated us. Now before you get ideas, the second half of 'us' happens to be a certain Michael Schumacher. And that is how far (more like how close!) he was from me during an interaction with the press, at one of the 5 star hotels in the city, a couple of days before the second edition of the Indian Grand Prix.

Infact, the distance must've been less than a feet, when he walked past me, to take his seat in the room that was designated for the press meet. I have to say I'm not one of those who's usually in awe of sportstars. Perhaps the fact that you are there doing a job... waiting for your turn for an interview, instructing your camera person on what visuals you need, and furiously e-mailing away information to office, does that to you. You are not there as a fan, you must not be awestruck.

Also, I dislike taking photographs with big shots, taking autographs from them, and updating my Facebook status every time they do or say something, while I can see them, and am somewhat near them. But I wish, I so wish, I could make an exception and do all of the above, just for Schumi. Michael Schumacher has that aura about him. And unless he's there in person, right there in front of you, you can't quite experience it.

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