Bernie Ecclestone Trial Halted After F1 Boss Agrees to $100 Million Settlement

Bernie Ecclestone, 83, went on trial in Munich in April over allegations he paid a $44 million bribe to a former German banker to facilitate the sale of a major stake in the motor sport business eight years ago.

updated: August 05, 2014 20:36 IST
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Bernie Ecclestone Court
Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone (R) talks with his lawyer Sven Thomas (L) at the courthouse in Munich.


Munich: Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone has offered to make a $100 million payment to end his bribery trial, a German court said on Tuesday, with state prosecutors saying they would accept the offer which would save his job.

A German court on Tuesday halted a bribery trial against Bernie Ecclestone in exchange for his paying a $100 million fee, under the terms of a settlement struck agreed by prosecutors and the chief executive of Formula One.Such an agreement is possible in German law, depending on the charges. It means the 83-year-old Ecclestone preserves his innocence and is spared the prospect of a lengthy trial. (Bernie Ecclestone and F1, the mutually dependent partners)

Judge Peter Noll told the court the suspicion of bribery against Ecclestone could not, by and large, be backed up in a trial. He gave Ecclestone one week to pay $100 million - $99 million to the state and $1 million to a children's charity.

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