Simi Mehra takes Indian women golf global

Simi Mehra gives most male golfers a huge complex because she drives the ball further than most of them.

updated: December 07, 2007 15:41 IST
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Simi Mehra gives most male golfers a huge complex because she drives the ball further than most of them.

In fact, she is counted as among one of the biggest hitters in women's golf and while that has not translated into an international win as yet, Simi has already made a name for herself as a pioneer for women's golf.

Simi is the first Indian to play professional golf. She hopes to do for women's golf in India what Prakash Padukone has been for badminton or PT Usha has done for athletics in the country.

While a big international win still eludes Simi Mehra, she remains one of India's best and most loved golf professionals in the country

"I'm fiery and fun," said Simi Mehra, Inida's Number 1 Women's golf professional.

What's more, Simi is India's first and only player to qualify for the LPGA.

Simi left India 10 years ago to pursue her career in golf in the United States because of limited options in India.

But things have now taken a total U-turn with the launch of India's women's professional tour in 2006.

Simi is enjoying playing at home, she has won all five legs of the 2007 season in India, giving the local ladies a run for their money.

"It is more mental experience than anything else, they can all hit the ball, they can all play but it is all about making that putt under pressure or having the kind of experience that I have. I have played five US open and five British Opens. All these things make a huge difference," said Simi Mehra.

At 35, the veteran is showing no signs of slowing down. For starters, she's just got a conditional LPGA Tour card for the 2008 season after the qualifiers in Florida.

Simi has also been invited to the Dubai Masters starting next week and the icing on the cake is the invitation to the Women's Golf World Cup in South Africa, a first for India.

"When history is happening no one really appreciates it, it is only five to ten years after wards that people recognize it," she said.

India has seen Indian beauty queens conquer heart at the Miss World pageant in Sun City but now it's time for Simi Mehra and Irina Barab to conquer the greens in what will be India's first ever appearance at the Women's Golf World Cup in January.

And while winning may seem like a long way off, here is hoping for some beginner's luck.