Can Rohit Sharma script a happy ending?

Comebacks, disappointments and an unending wait - on this tour and beyond, Rohit Sharma's story has been a suspenseful one.

updated: February 03, 2012 10:11 IST
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Virat Kohli made for fascinating viewing in the Test series. He was a man with limited time - at least, so it seemed to outsiders. He fought hard, was heckled by crowds, responded in a manner that brought him sanction; his batting improved, he got into verbal tussles with the opposition; in press conferences he questioned the question marks against him.

Kohli lived his struggle out in the open. Just as fascinating, off the field, was the life of Rohit Sharma. He came to Australia, the country of his Emerging Player tours, the country where he first announced himself as a proper international batsman four years ago, as someone who hadn't done his gifts justice, as someone who had mended ways to be handed a second chance. Despite being the most naturally gifted of the younger crop of batsmen in India, he wasn't part of the World Cup triumph.

That hurt. Rohit came back last year a fitter man, a better fielder, and did well enough to be Man of the Series in two ODI series against West Indies. Despite his first show, Rohit wasn't taken to England to play Tests. And when he landed for the ODIs, having spent time in India waiting for his next chance, the first ball he faced ended his tour. He came back with a broken finger, got fit again, did well in the ODIs again, scored runs in the Ranji Trophy, and that's where the new dream began, with his getting picked for the Tests in Australia.

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