Mughals-British, India-England: From epic battlefields to the cricket pitch

To this writer, the upcoming India vs England series has and can borrow heavily from the history of the Mughal empire and the advent of the British. A not-to-be-seriously-taken read at the historical linkage

updated: November 08, 2012 14:35 IST
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New Delhi: Such is the state of this stereotypical sports journalist that even while off work and watching a history of Mughals on History channel, he could not help but see bobble-heads of Indian and English players replacing heads of past kings and generals. They say history repeats itself. In many ways, it may be true come November 15.

(Do note that the following historical references may not be entirely accurate and are used here only as a light, contextual tools.)

See, the Mughal empire was an extremely powerful, militarily strong force that dominated most of the sub-continent. It has been well-known and now documented that foreign powers did not dare challenge the might of the Mughals with an invasion, for long. Originating from a nomadic tribe in Central Asia, they were fierce warriors who built strong fortifications and their splendor was magnificent.

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