England beat India on Day 4; England beat India on Day 1, 2, and 3 as well

When a person plays a first-person video game and he dies in it, he more often than not hits the replay button and ensures he does not meet with the same fate. In Test cricket, that replay button is better known as the 2nd innings. India's 2nd innings at Wankhede was even more miserable that the first.

updated: November 27, 2012 00:41 IST
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It is a battle only if both teams fight!

It is only called a battle if both opposing forces put all their skill and resources in inflicting damage on the other. Instead, what was seen in the Mumbai Test match was a contrasting case of focus and clueless lethargy.

It is simple to praise a team after a win. It is easier still to write and report blasting a team after it has tasted defeat. What has emerged from India's defeat here and in most of their defeats in the recent past is that sense of giving up before the final ball has been bowled. To a fan like this writer, dipping form can be understood but drooping shoulders cannot.

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