When Indian cricket met Indian sports on a sinking boat

Assuming and accepting the difference between cricket and other sports in the country, the cause and effect in both are not too different from one another.

updated: December 11, 2012 21:49 IST
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A dip in a country's sporting fortunes is expected. Perhaps, even taken for granted. What isn't though is a complete and comprehensive humiliation. For Indian sports, the last month has been a low that can even have the most marginalised or boycotted country sit up and feel all isn't all that bad.

Emotions generally run high here as does the comfort drawn from maintaining status-quos. In the realms of Indian sports - cricket or otherwise - it is generally believed that what prevails, should prevail regardless of the degree of ineffectiveness, embarrassment and/or controversies. What better way then than to explain why huge defeats and massive scams have both not been reasons big enough to dole out severe punishments, not yet anyway. The natural progression of what happens post-defeat here is: criticism, analysis, minor tweakings, small victories over to more defeats, criticism, analysis. Once in a blue moon, if a major win does come by, the progression differs, albeit slightly: blind praise, money, blind praise, money, blind praise...till defeat, criticism, analysis takes over.

Indian cricket is seen by most to be on a pedestal with all other sports being made to bow down in awe whenever it descends to the playing field - that, by the way, is roughly all through the year. The fact though is that Indian cricket mainly differentiates from Indian boxing, Indian shooting, Indian archery etc in terms of fan-following and therefore media focus, only. There are a number of similarities too which always skips the naked sense's attention. These are, broadly put:

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